Too skinny or too voluptuous – Photoshop is the cure!

Too skinny or too voluptuous – Photoshop is the cure!

Found this Video from HuffingtonPost this morning. What does it tell us? 1 NEVER believe any magazine fotos. NEVER. 2. Your bidy is NEVER ok. You are always too skniiy, too fat, tooo small, too tall, your cheekbones to low or to high, your breats to small or too big….so you will NEVER be not even ok. 3. I’s up to you to don’t give a shit and let magazines and movies dictate your standards. NEVER!

Just take care of your body, cherrish and appreciate it looks and the work it does, stay healthy and try to do things that comfort you. Too be happy and satisfied is the best look you can have!

I’m not the forst one to tell you – I know. But I think we can’t say it too often. It’s the only way puplic perspective on this subject starts changing!