Step by step – ohhh baby! (Quote: NKOTB)

Because it happend a few minutes ago….

Everytime I hear someone say, ‚it doesn’t change anything if I stop doing or using this‘, that maybe harm our environment and cause ecological problems. ‚If just I disclaim all the thing we know are bad and harmful, I don’t change anything. And if I disclaim buying stuff, I know they are produced under suspicious or maybe unhuman conditions, they will still produce it. And I can’t afford to buy all the expensive things.‘

I get really angry about the short sighted and stupid – not even – argumentation, just take a look on whats happening around us.

I was struggling with all this too. But tell me, is it more important to have 50 pairs of shoes just to be fashionable and buy them from the exploiters, than have less but more expensive shoes, produced under known and btter conditions, that will last for more than one season? It’s the same with clothes, eclectronic stuff, cars,… There is always an option – and on long term it makes sense, because you start to value the things you can afford more and more. Just open your eyes, look around you and find out where to buy things, not produced in third-world countries. I have to admit, in Austria it’s quite easy in the meantime to start doing it. We are all aware of the problems, but still too many say: ‚I can’t afford it‘. But to be honest, the peolple reading this, is the bobo-aware-of-all-that-sh*** generation. And you can. Even if it’s just in small things!

I know, I can do much more better than I’m doing now. But I will go better, every day a litte more, because I’m aware and I care. And there are many out there doing their best right now – keep on going!

Because: every tiny step you take is a part of a long road! But you have to make steps forward, otherwise you won’t get anywhere! (And this is true for everthing you want to change!)

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