Too skinny or too voluptuous – Photoshop is the cure!

Too skinny or too voluptuous – Photoshop is the cure!

Found this Video from HuffingtonPost this morning. What does it tell us? 1 NEVER believe any magazine fotos. NEVER. 2. Your bidy is NEVER ok. You are always too skniiy, too fat, tooo small, too tall, your cheekbones to low or to high, your breats to small or too big….so you will NEVER be not even ok. 3. I’s up to you to don’t give a shit and let magazines and movies dictate your standards. NEVER!

Just take care of your body, cherrish and appreciate it looks and the work it does, stay healthy and try to do things that comfort you. Too be happy and satisfied is the best look you can have!

I’m not the forst one to tell you – I know. But I think we can’t say it too often. It’s the only way puplic perspective on this subject starts changing!

Step by step – ohhh baby! (Quote: NKOTB)

Because it happend a few minutes ago….

Everytime I hear someone say, ‚it doesn’t change anything if I stop doing or using this‘, that maybe harm our environment and cause ecological problems. ‚If just I disclaim all the thing we know are bad and harmful, I don’t change anything. And if I disclaim buying stuff, I know they are produced under suspicious or maybe unhuman conditions, they will still produce it. And I can’t afford to buy all the expensive things.‘

I get really angry about the short sighted and stupid – not even – argumentation, just take a look on whats happening around us.

I was struggling with all this too. But tell me, is it more important to have 50 pairs of shoes just to be fashionable and buy them from the exploiters, than have less but more expensive shoes, produced under known and btter conditions, that will last for more than one season? It’s the same with clothes, eclectronic stuff, cars,… There is always an option – and on long term it makes sense, because you start to value the things you can afford more and more. Just open your eyes, look around you and find out where to buy things, not produced in third-world countries. I have to admit, in Austria it’s quite easy in the meantime to start doing it. We are all aware of the problems, but still too many say: ‚I can’t afford it‘. But to be honest, the peolple reading this, is the bobo-aware-of-all-that-sh*** generation. And you can. Even if it’s just in small things!

I know, I can do much more better than I’m doing now. But I will go better, every day a litte more, because I’m aware and I care. And there are many out there doing their best right now – keep on going!

Because: every tiny step you take is a part of a long road! But you have to make steps forward, otherwise you won’t get anywhere! (And this is true for everthing you want to change!)

Rejection is a part of art.

Today my head was spinning like a whirlpool. About not being able to write a single word for about four days now. And even if there is nothing else I want more than to write – what in fact is not true, but I don’t want to confess about my secret obsessions – I simply can’t write a single line of the things a need to.

So therefore I’m thinking, I’m not a writer in fact. And yes, I am no writer – now. But I’m working my ass of to become what I always wanted to become. And because it’s so hard for me, to do what I really want to do, I started thinking about the fact, that there a not many finished stories hidden in my desk. But there is always the need to find a story to tell.

Now we are back to spinning head part of my todays mess. And while my thoughts where spinning around about my past of trying and wanting, I figured out where it stared to be a burden to want to write but never be sure. And no, you are now thinking about the rejection I mentioned in the title, you are not right – but not wrong either.

It was told to be gifted with language, writing and acting when I was younger. When I grew older and became a bit of rebel, reading Nietzsche at the age of 14, desperately lost in music and films and books and poetry, I was told to not fit in any concept of appropriate behaviour for the school I attended. I was told not to fit in anywhere and that in fact, I am nothing. My parents, I love them…but, never understood my kind of interests. And I wanted to give them a reason to be proud of me, like there where of my much more older brother. So I took a turn in the wrong direction. At the moment I figured out to take a different turn, I was thrown out of anything. So, I sticked to my last turn – because you have to finish, what you have started. I regret to have sticked to. But without it, would not be where I am. Letting loose the feeling of missing about 10 years in my live, but being wise enough and having the strength to move forward now.

Sooo…now I’m far away from the point  I wanted to nail. There is a long way that kept me from doing what I really want. I kept myself away from the grateful feeling to do what I want to, because I was listening to everybody else. Because I always took the easier way out. Stayed in my comfortable zone because nobody believed in me. But wait – I had to believe in me. And in fact, I rejected myself all the time.

So now I’m there. I’m writing. I’m looking forward to my first screenwriters contract. And I’m afraid. I start to reject myself everyday again and again. But there is someone believing in me. In my creative soul, that had to hide away from my everyday live. And so I slightly start to believe in myself.

Rejection is part of the game, but never reject yourself. There a man other out there doing it for you. But if you don’t give in, it maybe feels the first time right to believe in success and not to put failure as an option.

Nobody knows if I will make it, but the first time in my life I’m confident about myself. And I’m sure this will act out in my work too.